This was taken in my friend's shop just before we started layering pre-impregnated fiberglass and foam on my plug. My buddy is about to peel off the protective coating from a sheet of pre-preg fiberglass. We cut all the pieces the night before and left them in his freezer. The stuff will keep for about a year so long as it's kept in a freezer.

Hard at work cutting fiberglass cloth from patterns we made earlier in the day. This was my first time working with pre-impregnated ("pre-preg") cloth. It's nice to work with because the resin is frozen and in a suspended sort of state until it starts to heat up. It gets tacky at room temperature, but requires an oven to reach a fully-cured state.

We did a 3-core-3 layup. This means that there are 3 layers of cloth followed by a foam core and another 3 layes of cloth. In addition, a glue sheet is placed on each side of the foam core. The foam has a tendency to absorb resin so the extra glue sheets compensate for this. You can see the light blue, somewhat shiny piece glue sheet under my friend's right arm. Notice that the foam core has been beveled at a 45 degree angle around the perimeter. This will help the last 3 layers of cloth lay down as it wraps around the foam.

Of note in this picture is the phenolic block surrounding a piece of stainless tapped to accept my fuel strainer and shutoff valve. The phenolic is there to help keep the stainless piece from rotating under the cloth. As I soon found out, my worries about the stainless piece rotating were unfounded! The vacuum really sucked the glass down nice!

Applying a layer of peel-ply. Peel-ply allows excess resin to flow away from the plug, but can still be pulled (peeled) away from the finished part after it's cured. Of note is that the orange scotch tape seen just below his right elbow is temperature resistant and suitable for the baking that's coming up in the next few pictures.

The next layer applied after the peel-ply is a layer of batting that will allow air to flow through when vacuum is applied AND soak up excess resin as the part is heated and squeezed.