I bought this nifty LED flexible lightstrip from Steinair (www.steinair.com). They are available in white, red and blue. I got the blue because I think it looks cool. The thing draws almost no power and can be trimmed at 3-light intervals. It's dimmable and runs off of straight 12volts--no inverter required.

The lightstrip tucks nicely under the lip of my panel. I'm just going to install it with standard double-sided Scotch tape. I don't want anything too bulky. I'm planning to add a dimmer pot on the right side of the panel just to the right of the grouping of 4 2-1/4" gauges.

My Winter (brand) 2-1/4" 3-pointer altimeter came ready for metric-sized screws. Unfortunately, I'm building one of them thar 'Merican air-eee-oh-planes so I need good 'ol 'Merican threads. I filled the Euro threads with 3M Short Strand Fiberglass-impregnated filler and then drilled and tapped for a 6-32 screw. I could have used the Metric screws that came with the altimeter, but they wouldn't have matched the 50 other screws on my panel. This worked out well and is holding nicely.

I guess this is sufficiently panel-related. I ran new line for the pitot installation. I used new AN fittings, but wasn't exactly sure how I'd go about attaching the nylon line to the aluminum fitting. This was my first attempt. I just used my flaring tool to flare the end of the nylon tubing. It looks nice, but as it turns out, it just pulled out of the aluminum fitting.

Here's the plastic compression fitting I bought from Aircraft Spruce. Again, it looks nice, but this didn't end up working.

Here's what I ended up doing... I used a brass sleeve insert into the nylon tubing along with a brass compression fitting. It's very secure. The brass sleeve insert was slightly larger than the inside diameter of my nylon tubing so it was a real challenge slipping it in. This solution seems very secure.