I learned my lesson when I took the horizontal stabilizer to the paint shop. No matter how well you think you've done with the body filler, once you spray a coat of primer on it, it looks like a kindergartener did the work. This time, rather than having the paint shop spray the primer, I decided I'd do everything I could on my own. I sanded this coat down and sprayed one more coat. I'm pretty happy with things now. We'll see if the paint shop is satisfied when I take the wings in for final prep and paint...

The inside of the canopy skirt is now wearing a coat of SEM primer.

I sprayed the final shiny grey coat myself using a Rustoleum rattle can. I'm very pleased with the results. I prepped the parts as if I were painting an exotic car. I think the prep work is crucial to achieving a good result--even with a rattle can.

Here are most of the cockpit control parts and pieces. Yes, they really are sitting on top my stainless steel range oven. One of the benefits of being single is getting away with stuff like this!

One of the very few times my oven has ever been used. Yes, I'm single.

Where does a single guy strip parts? At the kitchen sink, of course! I've determined that this is the highest and best use of my kitchen. :-)