The fuselage is once-again completely taped off. I wanted the stainless firewall painted white. The painter is again applying a coat of the primer/filler.

The firewall is wearing its coat of white. I've had planes in the past with painted white firewalls and really like being able to see any leaks or drips. The reflectivity really helps when peering around with a flashlight, too.

The seatback in its final coat of shiny grey. This is the standard issue Mustang Aeronautics seatback modified making it a little shorter and adding a slight recline. I found that I was always stuffing a bunch of pillows in the lumbar region so I decided to just kick it out a little using the fiberglass rather than upholstery.

The finished product fuselage loaded up and ready to go back to the airport. The painter wasn't satisfied with the clear finish as it originally came out of the gun so I ended up block sanding most of the fuselage. The painter then polished the whole thing using several different grades of polish and an electric buffer. The end result is really impressive. You can barely even feel the edges of the graphics. Very cool. I've been advised to leave it set for about a month before waxing, washing or doing any more polishing-type activities. I guess the clear continues to harden for up to a month.

These are a the aileron counterweights. They were originally finished in basic yellow zinc chromate. I stripped them and then primed and painted them. The final color was silver. I think this picture shows them in a standard Rustoleum grey primer.

I've temporarily attached the aileron to the wing to get an idea of what I want for checkerboard on the wingtips. I'm not looking forward to having to tape this off!