OK. So here's the goal. This plane is Big Beautiful Doll. At last check its permanent home is in England. I like the military style paint job and the checkerboard in particular. I'm thinking of calling mine Baby Doll or maybe Little Doll.

This is where the plane started. This picture was taken in early July of 2004. I purchased the plane in April and flew it until approximately August 1st when I decided I needed to get serious about making things right.

This stuff is really nasty. We all blow off the warning labels on stuff at times, but trust me when I say that this stuff is every bit as nasty as the warning label makes it sound. I'd STRONGLY suggest wearing a fresh air respirator when working with this stuff. I had serious congestion and borderline pneumonia symptoms from even limited exposure.

This is what paint stripper does to paint. Very cool. Most of what you see in the picture is the baby blue metallic. The maroon colored primer didn't strip nearly as easy.

Here are the paint samples I had to choose from when it came time to pick the main silver color.

Here are a bunch of parts in the bed of my pickup truck on their way to the paint shop. I've basically got the entire empennage in there along with my new swoopy wing root fairings.