Nothing fancy on this page, yet. I just needed a place for friends to be able to download documents from my website... I don't claim to be the author of any of these things. Appropriate credit is given within each individual document.

I think this is a pretty cool picture. I took this as I was leaving my house on January 8, 2008. This formation disappeared completely about 5 minutes after I took this picture. The houses block the horizon, but the clouds follow the Front Range (eastern edge) of the Colorado Rockies as they pass through Loveland, Colorado

To download any of the documents listed below, just RIGHT-click on the hyperlink and pick the "Save As" option. If you do the normal left-click, the document will just open in a new window.

Continental O-200 Information & Documents

    TCM Articles, Part I

    TCM Articles, Part II

    TCM Articles, Part III

    HTML reference document

A few people have asked about the 1966 5-part series of Sport Aviation articles by Bushby on Building the Midget Mustang:

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

Here's a cool website. The "Document Share" portion of the site has a bunch of great information.

Brian Kraut of Jacksonville homebuilding ordinance fame and Milford Shirley have a new radio show dealing with general aviation topics called Flighttime Radio. They broadcast the show from studios in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday mornings at 10am Eastern Time. You can listen live via the web or download the .mp3 version after the fact. These guys are doing nice work and deserve our support!

A few people have asked for specific directions to my hangar at KFNL. I'm posting a .pdf version of a map I've created with the specifics of how to find my hangar. If you're planning a visit, please be sure to call ahead to make sure I'm there. My number is (970)988-5931. My schedule is very variable so there's not a specific time I can assure you I'll be there. For those of you who are thinking of burglarizing my hangar, Daisy, my 110 lb. Rottweiler, will be happy to greet you!

    Map to Rod's Hangar