Try as I might, I couldn't get the darned part to release from the wing and gear leg fairing. I ended up having to cut the trailing edge of the fairing to pry it free. Oh well, it's just a little more work to patch the cut. This is why I love fiberglass.

You can see the green streak from where I filled the cut with 3M Short Strand Fiberglass Filler. I also added a couple of layers of very light (1oz) cloth over the top of the repair for additional strength. I've slathered the part with SuperFil and will continue the filling and sanding process until it's ready for primer.

The center monstrosity is the original intersection fairing as it was removed from my Midget Mustang about 3 years ago. The two new fairings are ready for primer and more sanding.

Here's the basic idea of how my new fairings fit.