This is my battery box for the Odyssey 680 battery I'm planning to use. It came bare aluminum so it's been primed in this picture. It seemed a little heavy and a bit of overkill so I've decided to add a few lightening holes. I used a Greelee punch for all these holes. It's definitely lighter and looks more aircraft-like with the lightening holes!

Here's the battery box after the lightening holes were punched and after a layer of Rustoleum rattle-can paint. I backed the paint on using my oven. (Married guys, don't try this at home). The baking seemed to really work well to harden the paint. It also created a lower-shine finish similar to powder coating. I think it'll work out well.

Back into the plenum and engine baffling. This is the right side of the engine. It's the same process all over again. I used the blue plastic tape to define the shape and then cut it with either a Dremel tool and cut-off wheel or maybe the band saw.

I'm starting to drill the angle to the baffling. Van's Aircraft sells .025" angle for stiffeners that's been pre-bent. I cut the notches in one side of the flange to make it bend around the corners.

Here's the piece with the flange installed with rivets. It just dawned on me that this is the piece that goes on the barrel of the cylinder nearest the case. This is obviously NOT the same piece I showed above that goes around the valve cover. Same concept...

I needed to cut an exit hole for the plug wires. I made this basic template before I started cutting on pieces that mattered. If you enlarge the picture you can see my Sharpie markings on the template. Thankfully, whoever designed the pass-through grommet used some common measurements--which makes cutting the holes much easier. I just used a Greenlee punch.