Here's the paper template I fabricated using the tracing tool and circle template shown at the bottom of the last page. My engine builder used the cool Continental valve covers that have the words machined in the cover rather than stamped in. He powder coated them and then machined off the Continental word. Looks cool.

I went to great lengths to get the aft baffling to fit tight around the contours of the cylinder.

Before you go rushing to your e-mail program to tell me I'm screwing up... yes, I know... at least I know NOW! The baffling at the aft part of the cylinder isn't supposed to look like this AT ALL. It actually wraps around the barrel and cylinder and goes straight along the backside of the cylinder where it then wraps along the case.

Which brings me to the next picture...

More great-fitting baffling templates... Unfortunately, it's all wrong and pretty much wasted effort. I've got the aft baffling going along the engine mount and around the case. It's actually supposed to go in front of the engine mounts so that it's a constant plane from the back of the cylinder over the top of the case.

This front piece isn't necessarily wasted. The front baffling goes to the cylinder and barrel but then curves around about half the circumference of the lower half of the cylinder and barrel. I'm thinking this curved piece will be separate and will just be riveted to the bottom of this piece.

This is about the time I decided I needed to fit the lower cowling before I went much further with the baffling.

Before I set the baffling aside and started working on the cowl installation, I made a valve cover baffle from my poster-board pattern. It's amazing how much you can push poster board around without realizing it. The aluminum is far less forgiving.

This is the approximate shape of the real valve cover baffling. I'll end up using this piece as a final pattern. The top will be trimmed to the appropriate height and will then have a 90 degree angle riveted along the top. This angle will receive nutplates which will eventually hold down a fiberglass plenum I plan to fabricate.

I ordered a new ignition harness from Aircraft Spruce. It was made to my specifications by Skytronics. I chose to get the 90 degree elbows because I'd rather pay a few extra bucks rather than have my spark plug leads mashed over a 90 degree angle like most of them do. Don't worry about the wrong leads being attached to the wrong plugs in this picture. I just threw a couple of leads in place for the picture. Until the time comes to make all the engine connections, this will be stored in my clean cabinet--out of harm's (and dust's) way! By the way, if you haven't noticed, it's really YELLOW!