I'm getting closer... There is still a fair bit of trimming and sanding to be done, but this is the general idea. I'm pretty happy with the alignment.

More of a profile view. I think the lines are reasonably smooth.

The [aircraft] left side. Again, plenty of sanding still to come...

A profile shot.

The bird's-eye view.

My next task will be fabricating inner-cylinder baffles. The area between the forward and aft cylinders needs to be plugged so that air can't just flow between the cylinders and is, instead, forced to travel through the cooling fins.

I've masked off the engine again to protect it from epoxy drips. I've applied PVA mold release to the aluminum duct tape. It probably wasn't necessary, but I didn't want to hassle with potential problems with releasing from the "mold" which was, in fact, my brand new cylinders! I also wanted to make 2 sets--one for the top and one for the bottom so I was hoping that the aluminum tape could be made to last for 2 lay-ups.

This is the end of my pictures for tonight. I've got a few more on my camera, but didn't download them before I left for work this weekend. I'll try to do a few more updates next weekend!