This is the original rudder bottom. It had a little damage from rough field operations, but wasn't really in bad shape. I decided I didn't care if the fiberglass-to-aluminum joint was flush so I pretty much just sanded, filled and primed this piece before paint.

Here's the rudder bottom after new paint. Sorry about all the dust on the rudder. There was a lot of static on the piece and black shows every little speck.

I decided to polish the stainless screws I used to secure the fiberglass to the aluminum. I used a Dremel Tool with a pencil attachment along with some Peek polish. I drilled and tapped a few holes for the screws. It didn't take me too long to figure out that those screws get HOT when you try to hold them between your fingers while polishing!

I wanted the option to install a video camera in the tip of my vertical stabilizer so I added a plastic grommet in the vertical stabilizer to run power and coax through.

I also added a grommet to the fuselage to line up with the grommet in the vertical stabilizer.

You can see in the picture immediately above that the forward fiberglass fairings are in place. I used this rubber channel for the gap aft of the fairings. This is the same stuff Van's Aircraft specs for their stock wing root fairing setup. I bought this through Aircraft Spruce. I also used a 3M rubber adhesive from Aircraft Spruce. It is VERY sticky/gooey and seems to hold up well.