I've removed the control surfaces from the empennage section in anticipation of painting everything and making a few (mostly cosmetic) modifications.

The original horizontal stabilizer tip. It fit OK, but not perfect. It was also a little dinged up from hangar rash.

In an attempt to get the tip fitting a little better, I used 3M Short Strand fiberglass filler and covered the whole area.

Here's another view of the tip. In hindsight, this was probably overkill on the amount of filler used. I ended up sanding about 90% of this off.

As I said, I sanded most of the filler off. For the most part, I used the Hutchins pneumatic DA sander you see sitting towards the right side of the picture. If you're in the market for a DA, I can highly recommend the Hutchins brand. It's not cheap, but it's a great tool.

After a bunch of filling, sanding, and priming, I re-cut the seam between the fiberglass tip and the aluminum horizontal stabilizer. Many folks just leave the seam hidden, but I think and aluminum airplane ought to have seams between aluminum and fiberglass parts!