This is what the door will look like in the closed position with the hidden hinge system. I guess, it would have been just fine to have a few inches of piano hinge showing, but I still like the "trick" nature of the hidden hinge system. The slight additional cost in terms of time and money were worth it to me!

The cowl cheeks are coming along. I smeared the fine filler on most of the piece. The idea is that I'll sand most of the light blue filler off which will hide any seams or ridges from the various forms of filler that went before.

Here's a close-up of the tip that I replaced on the left cheek. The tip just wouldn't lay down on the fuselage so I cut it off and re-glassed it. Say what you will about fiberglass, but it is forgiving if you've got the patience and desire to re-work something.

I ended up giving up on the hidden hinge setup. I'm still not sure what I did wrong, but the hidden hinge was binding so I started cutting a little bit to make it move freely. It didn't take long and I had cut too much! Amazing how that works. I would have had to re-build the door and start over to save the hidden hinge setup so I punted and went with a traditional hinge. The regular hinge still looks pretty good and I figure I'll use the hidden hinge on my RV-8 in a couple of years anyway.

The traditional hinge installation from the underside. Still pretty clean-looking.

I am forever re-building the corners of the cowling. I must sand these things off in my sleep. Honestly, I don't remember sanding too much off the corners, but every time I join the cowling halves, one corner or another no longer lines up correctly. I've pretty much perfected my corner building technique:  A piece of poster board with a strip of clear packing tape. Wax the packing tape so it releases easily. Tape the posterboard to the outside of the cowling and slather on a mixture of resin and flox from the inside. Once it cures, sand the outside flush with the cowling and apply a single layer of 2oz. cloth. Once that cures, sand to final shape and size.