The intake piece has been cleaned up in this photo. I'm starting the process of installing/fabricating a carb heat air deflection door.

The carb air door has now been installed.

I glassed over the hinge and have drawn where I'm going to cut. The cutout will be slightly smaller than the carb air door.

OK... brief intermission from the intake work. As anyone who's done any composite work knows, it's more efficient to have several projects moving forward at once. While one project is curing you can be working on another... That sort of thing.

When I fit the 2 halves of the cowling together, I decided it would be easiest to make the outsides fit perfectly by just filling the seam completely and cutting a new seam to separate the halves. In doing this, I cut off the flanges that were originally molded into the lower cowling half. In this picture, I've got packing tape and PVA mold release on the upper portion of the cowling and have done a wet layup of glass cloth bonded to the lower cowling half.

Here are my new flanges. They fit perfectly, but will require trimming with the Dremel tool and a little filler to make them look nice.

I could have sworn I had a bunch of pictures of the steps that came before this, but I can't find them. In any case, I've attached a bent up piece of piano hinge pin to the carb heat door.

[EDIT: OK, I found a few pictures of the stuff that came before this. They can be found on Cowling Page 18 and 19.]