Once the resin was cured, I popped the new intake smiley piece off the cowl. I removed the clay molding material, pealed the PVA mold release off and trimmed the stragley (that's a technical term) edges off.

I grafted the new inlet to my tunnel piece. I've also added a few layers of cloth for additional strength and to start forming the radius at the lower edge of the inlet.

This is the basic idea for my carb air intake system. I molded the forward edge of the inlet area with modeling clay. The next rectangulare piece moving aft is something I just made by laying up glass over a block of foam shaped to match the inlet size of my carb air box. The next piece is my carb air box.

You can see where I've joined the two pieces. The modeling clay is shiny because it has now received several layers of PVA mold release. The bit of clay at the aft end of the rectangular fiberglass piece is just working as a standoff to make sure I maintain a little clearance from the bottom of the cowl.

I laid the fiberglass cloth over the piece just to make sure it was going to be the right size. I wasn't worried about trying to get the fiberglass cloth all the way around the rectangular piece because I could do this later when the part was removed from the cowling piece. Keep reading. This will make more sense in the pictures that follow.

I popped the new piece free from the cowling piece. you can see I haven't started digging the clay out just yet. You can picture the shape that'll remain after the clay is removed. Basically, in later pictures you'll see where I plugged up the holes as the intake transitions into the rectangular box.