Here is the new inside fit on the left hand cowling inlet.

I haven't touched the right hand side of the inlet at this point. This is pretty much what the left hand side looked like before I started.

I've applied the 3M filler and sanded it to shape. Again, the seams have disappeared, but it's not too difficult to cut new seams with a Dremel tool or a hacksaw blade or some combination of the two.

I didn't like the looks of my smiley intake once the cowling was in place so I hacked off the front end and decided to try again. It's a bit demoralizing to chop off a piece of work that I spent a ton of time on, but I decided I'd rather do it now rather than be disappointed with the workmanship every time I looked at it for the rest of my life.

I went through the process of molding a new inlet using clay. I like the looks of this one much better. The oval inlet is more symmetrical than my first attempt. Also, from a design standpoint, this inlet is more in sync with the cowling itself in that it has a flat frontal surface area rather than a rounded design. The side-view of this inlet should look a bit more "factory" rather than a builder modification.

If you look close, you'll also see that the 3M filler one the right side inlet now has a layer of the fine 2oz. fiberglass cloth.

The clay is shiny because it's wearing a layer of PVA mold release.

I removed the cowling from the airframe in one big piece to lay up the new intake. To be honest, I tried to do it with the cowling on the airframe, but the glass wouldn't stick to the bottom side of the cowling.