This part might get a little interesting. I need to design and fabricate a new intake box. This is what I'm going to try... I fabricated this mold out of some really high density foam that was given to me. My plan is to use this mold to make a fiberglass part for the final product.

I took this picture mostly to show the process of covering the foam with a layer of Bondo. I'm only using Bondo because it's cheap and readily available locally. The idea is to make the mold as smooth as possible so that the inside surface of the fiberglass lay-up is smooth. It's lot easier to sand Bondo from the outside of the part than to try to sand the inside of a fiberglass tube after the fact.

I located the holes for the intake by pressing the foam against the studs on the carburetor. The foam is dense enough that I then had to use my drill press to finish the holes. I really like this foam.

I Since I pretty well forgot to take a picture of the SuperFil on the smiley intake, here's a picture of SuperFil covering my carb box. If you enlarge the picture, you can see how the SuperFil flows out and leaves a pretty nice surface. It also sands very easy and manages to fill all the little imperfections on the Bondo underneath.

Here is the carb box after it's been sanded and primed. I've got it sitting in the new intake tunnel in the approximate position it'll be in once installed in the airplane.

Another shot of the carb box. Here, I've painted it with rattle-can gloss black. The only significance of the hook is that it allows me to paint the entire part at once and hang it up to dry. That end of the part will be open so I won't glass it in.

From this point, the only thing I need to do before applying resin and glass is to first "paint" the part with PVA mold release.

Back on page 5 of this cowling section. I showed a picture of the metal strips I was planning on using as flanges to join the upper and lower cowling halves.

These are the strips and since I don't have any intermediate pictures, I'll just describe what's been done to this point...

The blue shown in the picture is just blue masking tape. I polished the aluminum and then just taped over it to protect the polished surface from scratches and from a coat of primer and then white paint. I decided to paint the backside to match the white I'm planning to apply to the inside of my cowling. It'll be easier to paint the white now--before I install the CLock fasteners with all the associated rivets and holes.