This is the bulkhead just aft of the seatbottom. I added the 4 holes with snap bushings in order to pass wires, antenna coax and an auxiliary fuel tank fuel line from the front of the plane to the back of the plane. There are doubler plates behind the bulkhead to help replace the strength lost due to the holes.

This shows how the whole (hole) package is coming together. There were a few more wires added after this picture was taken, but it should give everyone a basic idea of what I'm up to.

Here's a close-up of my re-built pulleys for my rudder cable. In hindsight, I found that I made a mistake and used 1 size too small a cable according to AC43-13. Apparently the smallest size cable recommended for rudder cables is one size larger than what I picked. You can see the Aircraft Spruce part number--MS24566-1B. This is for the Phenolic Pulley. If you look up this part number, you might consider going one size larger to comply with the recommendations of the Advisory Circular. Honestly, I'm not concerned about it because I don't think a 950 pound airplane with a short longitudinal moment is going to overstress the cable. You are all welcome to say I told you so if a cable breaks and I go tumbling to the ground!

This is the flap linkage alongside the fuselage exterior. Anything that turns needs a cotter pin. If it doesn't turn, you can just use a nylon lock nut.

Russ is holding my control stick just after he finished modifying it. I didn't like the original straight-stick configuration. I always felt like I was having to reach for the stick while in normal cruise flight. Russ cut the stick at a 45 degree angle and welded an extra section of tubing in place. I won't really know if the 3" shift is appropriate until I fly the plane again, but it sure feels good when I sit in the plane and make airplane noises!

Here's the control stick after a little sanding, filler, primer and paint. I ended up stripping the top 2-1/2" or so because the Infinity stick grip fits very tight around the tubing with no allowance for paint.