This is the elevator pushrod. As you can see, it was painted in the standard zinc chromate green. I decided it should be red. I painted it in 2 sections because it was just too hard to deal with as one long piece. You can see that the bottom half is taped off, but it's already been painted red. This is an aluminum tube with a smaller steel tube coming out of each end. It's actually fairly lightweight.

So here are all the control rods, rudder pedals, brake cylinders, etc. I've painted and am ready to install back in my fuselage. Painting all these pieces was about like painting a chess set... long and tedious.

You can see that I've got my laptop computer sitting on work surface. I took a bunch of pictures as I took all this stuff apart. Rather than printing out a bunch of pictures, I decided it'd be easier just to bring the laptop to the hangar.

I decided to start with mounting the rudder pedals and brake cylinders. Right off the bat I ran into a problem in that the rudder pedal towers (for lack of a better word) wouldn't rotate freely on the freshly-painted crossbar. Check out the previous picture and you'll see that the bar was originally painted end-to-end. A little fineline tape and some paint stripper made short work of the paint. The rudder pedal brackets now rotate freely around the crossbar.

The rudder pedals have been attached to their brackets and are ready for the brake cylinders and installation into the fuselage.

Here's a shot of the rudder pedals installed in the fuselage. I've even temporarily pinned in one of my rudder cables just to see what it'll look like. I really like the dark grey versus red contrast. The anodized gold hardware looks pretty trick, too.

Check out my very cool swaged cable ends. A local guy who rebuilds very expensive warbirds for a living swaged all my cables for me. I can't believe how much nicer looking they are compared to the traditional nico press with the thimble setup. The turnbuckle ends at the other end of this cable are even cooler looking, but I haven't taken a picture yet.