Modern Art... I decided I'd display every clamping device I own plus a few borrowed from a friend's workshop. I used the blue masking tape to protect wherever I didn't want glue.

Here's what the piece looks like after I removed the tape and all those clamps. It took quite a bit of picking with a razor blade to get the excess glue off. Makes me really glad I used as much masking tape as I did.

The inside of the canopy after the clamps are removed, but before any real attempt at cleaning up excess glue. I had already painted the interior of the canopy skirt so I scuffed it with a Scotch Brite pad in hopes of giving the glue something to stick to.

I taped everything off in preparation for paint. I painted the interior of the canopy skirt myself using a Rustoleum grey. I had the paint shop match the Rustoleum color so that I can do touch-up work myself.

Another look at the canopy ready for paint. I used the SEM self-etching primer before the Rustoleum grey. I'm hoping it sticks well.

The finished product. If you look very closely you can see the line where the new paint starts. Edit Later: This picture was taken before the paint was fully cured. After it cured, you really can't tell at all!

Not a bad fit if I do say so myself. I messed around today and got the canopy skirt fitting very well. I found that it actually fits better by NOT installing a bunch of shims. I'm wondering if the shims were the idea of the guy who finished the airplane when the original builder probably had the canopy fitting very well beforehand.

I think this little fix turned out very good. The seam isn't very noticeable and actually looks like it might be a standard seam. I had considered filling it so it doesn't show at all, but I'm afraid it would always be susceptible to cracking in the future. Unless someone walks into my hangar within the next few days and flips out, I'll probably just paint it in this condition.