The back corner of the canopy skirt had its share of ugliness, too.

I glued and clamped the replacement aluminum in place again. Because I'm not nearly as dumb as I look, I decided to tape off the areas where I didn't want to be scraping epoxy off of later.

Here's the finished product at the back of the canopy.

The repaired canopy skirt clecoed in place. If you look through the plexi to the interior of the canopy, you can see a little ugliness consisting of the red RTV and silicone caulking. Later on in the process, I decided to paint the interior to hide this ugliness.

The piano hinge clecoed in place in preparation for drilling.

The canopy hinge has now been drilled in place.

I clamped the other half of the hinge to my existing canopy frame. The flange on the piano hinge wasn't wide enough to include room for the holes used to attach the canopy skirt to the canopy frame. I purchased the widest hinge I could find, but you can see in the picture where I needed about another 1/2 inch.

I marked where I wanted the holes in the canopy frame and then pre-drilled the holes in the canopy frame to be used as a back-drilling template to drill the canopy frame to the hinge.