Here's a picture of the original canopy installation. The hinge consisted of 2 brackets--one at the front and one in the rear. There were steel rods running through the tubular canopy frame. It almost looked as if the original design intended for the canopy to be completely removable. At some point, someone crimped the canopy frame tubes which held the inner steel rods extended into the hinge brackets. In any case, you can see where the skirt bound up at the front and back and had been bent and torn. Also note that there was a significant gap between the fuselage and the canopy skirt... Built-in airflow, I guess. If I fix this I'll have to install a real vent system!

I took this picture the day I bought the airplane. You can see some ugliness on the canopy. Notice that it's just got two hinge points. The prior owner also made it a habit to let the canopy hang open unsupported like this. I'm planning to have some sort of simple tether to keep it from putting pressure on the hinge line.

More ugliness. I'll show a picture later in the process where you'll notice I've replaced all those nylon nuts holding the canopy skirt on. You can see towards the front of the canopy where the screws are significantly too long.

I trimmed the ugliness from the corners of the right side of the canopy skirt.

I trimmed the ugliness from the corners of the right side of the canopy skirt.

I fabbed a piece to be glued in place of the original ugliness.

You can never have too many clamps, right? I just epoxied the piece in place. It's purely cosmetic, after all. No sense in making things unduly complicated.

Here's the finished product. Of course I'll always know it's there, but I think it'll be fairly unobtrusive.